“When working with your lawyer...some important information"
  • It is usual and customary in litigation cases and it is well- known that the litigation process is a long process, especially in attempting to successfully litigate your case with an insurance company or a corporation. Don’t be discouraged is your case continues for weeks, months, but rarely, years!
  • You can greatly help your case and your lawyer and substantially increase your chances of success in court by staying reliant upon your attorney’s advice, as you go through the litigation process.
  • It is also a fact and well-known that the relationship between lawyer and client very often comes under considerable strain during the long course of a lawsuit. A good working relationship can increase the odds of a positive outcome -- and reduce your natural anxiety considerably. There are many things that we both can do to help keep our attorney-client relationship on the right track to a successful outcome.
  • It is also important to understand how necessary it is to keep Fusco and Macaluso informed about all events regarding your case! Things change in legal negotiations sometimes with very little warning or notice!
  • Please prepare to tell me, as your attorney, everything that might pertain to the dispute.
  • Submit any and ALL documents or other items that might be relevant.
  • If you aren't sure whether a particular fact is important, don’t be afraid to make mistakes regarding disclosure of all information, FULL Disclosure can only HELP me prepare your case.
  • Our professional and courteous staff at Fusco and Macaluso includes experienced assistants, knowledgeable secretaries, trained paralegals, seasoned investigators and consultants who together apply information and help determine what is useful and what is not.
  • We might also be able to use a fact or document you thought was insignificant as the basis for a creative legal argument.
  • And if you believe any information might potentially confuse or harm your case, be honest and present this to me, as I will have plenty of time to organize ALL of the provided information for a successful, thorough preparation AND presentation of your case.
  • By following these tips we may save you time and money – and may positively lead to a more successful result in your law suit, as your legal team, Fusco and Macaluso.

DO NOT hesitate to seek legal help for your injury,
your disability or for your suffering.”

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