The Legal System wants you to Plead Guilty in the Very Beginning of a Case.



The legal system will put pressure on you to get a guilty plea, even if you're innocent. The volume of cases is what motivates judges, prosecutors and public defenders to pressure criminal defendants into making a plea of guilty at the very earliest stage of a case. Protect your freedom and your record by having a free consultation withFusco & Macaluso before your arraignment. Your free consultation will give important information about the law and about legal defenses that are sometimes or regularly overlooked by a legal system that is anxious for you to plead guilty.

Fusco & Macaluso’s Free Consultation is guaranteed to help you immediately. Together, we will help you understand the legal system and discuss options for you under the Law. During our free consultation, we may determine what kind of efense would work best in your case, and suggest strategies for a successful result. We also invite you to share your greatest concerns and ask questions you feel are important to your defense. Fusco & Macaluso is very confident to guide you through your crisis because of our many, many years of experience in building successful defenses for our clients.

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